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Best Fallout Game Poll

Best Fallout Game Poll. One being a traditional form of fallout at its best, the other a modern form of fallout at its best and what it should be. 1887 6 years ago #3.

Best Fallout Games Vs. Polls Narik Chase from

October 20, 2018, 10:57:48 pm. I clicked fallout 2 in the poll, but my actual answer is lionheart: 1887 6 years ago #3.

Best Fallout Game V2 (Read 3310 Times) Ikethegeneric.

The only reason i like mr. While not outright referred to as the best in the description of the vote, almost 60% of those who took part in the tally said that fallout:. October 20, 2018, 10:57:48 pm.

The Only Good About Minutemen Is The Artillery (Though It's Mostly Useless If You Actullay Try To Employ It Meaningfully).

Really enjoying 4 so far, but don't feel like i can place it just yet. I found both games quite identical to each other. And fallout 4 is in my opinion the worst bethesda game ever produced.

A Poll To Decide Which Falout Game Is This Communities Favorite ( If There Is Any With Respect To Each Fallout Game ) Fallout 1.

It's easily the better made game in the poll: The fallout 4 fans are busy *playing* and enjoying life. Why must is be hard to choose?

Fo 1&2 Were Fantastic For Their Time, But I'll Always Prefer Exploring From A 1St/3Rd Person View, And I Felt That The Combat Left Something To Be Desired In Those Earlier Titles.

Being the first doesn't make it the best solely because it created the series, but no other fallout game truly surpassed it in every way and form. Best game fallout 76 0 (0%) fallout 4 0 (0%) fallout 3 0 (0%) fallout shelter. Best fallout game | poll.

1887 6 Years Ago #3.

10 (71.4%) total members voted: Fo 3 will always be one of my too5 games ever played. Burke is because he has the voice of lucien lachance (who definately is my favourite character from oblivion).

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